MYSP Video Contest: Secondary Students

MYSP Video Contest: Secondary Students

The York Catholic District School Board would like to continue to focus efforts on generating greater awareness of the Board's Mission and Vision Statements, Core Values and Strategic Commitments. To assist with this, we would like to invite students/classes to participate in a Short Video Contest: How We Witness YCDSB's Multi-Year Strategic Plan in our School.

The short video could address:

  • How We Witness YCDSB's Mission Statement,
  • How We Witness YCDSB's Vision Statement,
  • How We Witness YCDSB's Core Values,
  • How We Witness YCDSB's Strategic Commitments,
  • or a combination of all four of the above pillars that form the framework of our MYSP.

To participate, students should submit a short video, that is no more than 2 minutes in length, by Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Before you enter, please read the Rules & Regulations

Separate consent forms are to be completed by the Parent/Guardian of each student featured in the video submission for the entry to be considered complete. Please submit consent forms to the teacher.